This is the 4th website of my own that I have put together, so I'm happy to help you out with your 1st, or 4th.

website review and management


I'll be your Obi-Wan for Photography, video, writing, or any other element of myself you'd like to learn from.

mentoring & Education


Hey, you never know, it may be worth a whole lot one day. Or not. But either way, I'm just glad you want it on your walls.

artwork for your walls


There is so much motion in the performing arts, that it just makes sense to capture it the way we see it.

performing arts videography


Photography for any and all performing arts. Let the performances and design exist beyond final curtain.

Performing arts photography


Portraits, couples, families, and anything my camera can document, in timeless Black and White.

b&W portraits


What I offer

Hannah D.

"Martin makes you feel like you have known him for years from the second you meet him. He is so relaxed and very open to any visions you have! He is extremely knowledgeable and takes such pride in all of his work."


performing arts


What are you interested in learning more about?

Portraits • Couples • Seniors • Family • Headshots • Maternity

All documented in black and white, for a moody, timeless look.


B+W portraits

Whether you need photography or videography, I'm your guy. I typically recommend photography during one of the final dress rehearsals, and video on any show that is not the final show (just in case). Reach out for an estimate if you need a promotional or documentary video.


Performing arts

If you see a piece of mine that you like, let's get the conversation started. The beauty of digital art, is that it can be printed on a multitude of mediums in a variety of sizes. Want a piece on canvas? You got it. Metal? Sure thing boss. What I craft is not limited to one format:

starting at $250


Performing arts are primarily in color, but yes, I only shoot in Black and White for portraits, couples, families, etc. There aren't many photographers that exclusively shoot these kind of sessions in Black and White, and so I hope that if you see the value and pride in the work that I craft, we can work together. If you haven't already, I promise it's worth a venture into my Portrait gallery portfolio.


I absolutely do, primarily for the performing arts. Because video is more involved, I just need more details when it comes to the project! But we can save that for an initial conversation when you reach out! 


I take on a small wedding or an elopement once or twice a year. It doesn't hurt to reach out, and I'll show you my wedding portfolio. I used to take on a wedding every weekend when it was my primary source of income, but it became too much for my physical, emotional, and mental health. 


For photography, the average turnaround time is about 2 weeks or so. Occasionally the right combination of music, energy, and productivity all line up to put me in a 'zone' where I can edit an entire gallery in an evening. But to set expectations, assume it'll be about 2 weeks. For video, it depends on the complexity of the project. But simple recordings are usually sent within a few days.


Retouching is an optional service that can be purchased on an individual-photo basis after the gallery has been delivered. If you are interested in having any photos retouched, you'll simply select them in the gallery and checkout with the retouching level of your choice! It typically ranges $10-20 an image. 


At this time, I do not require a deposit/retainer. Your balance is due at the end of any session. In the event we have to reschedule (due to any circumstance) please just let me know as soon as you are able. Life happens!


This is entirely dependent on the type of session, location, and numerous other factors, but I try and keep all traveling within an hour or so from Poultney, VT. But let's talk first! I tend to travel farther for performing arts shoots. 


It is technically possible for me to do both of these things if you are ok with a static, locked-off video shot for a performance. However, in many situations, it's better if I come and take the photos during a dress rehearsal, and then come back for video on another night.